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Air Cargo to Pakistan warmly welcomes you

Only those who can react quickly, easily and reliably in the field of transport can assert themselves on the market in Dubai. Thinking and acting economically is particularly important here. In addition, exceptional flexibility and mobility must be guaranteed in order to be able to offer its customers the best quality of air cargo to Pakistan.

 With Pakistan Air Cargo, your requirements are the focus. We work for you, while you can take care of other things.

Trust in our reliable deadline logistics. Our 24/365 service realizes every appointment in United Arab Emirates and in Pakistan. Benefit from the perfect system for the fast and safe disposition of urgent goods.

Versatility is significant in the private and business areas. You can use our services for larger or smaller transports. We support you in getting your items to their destination on time and safely. Each freight transport consistently requires exact arranging with the goal that the whole process moves along as planned. As our customer, you are always our priority. Just get in contact with us, we’d be happy to talk to you about your next project!

No air freight can be carried out without sensible planning. Especially when air cargo to Pakistan with door to door delivery from UAE. International import and customs regulations must be checked at an early stage, the most time-efficient and cost-effective transport route in Pakistan must be calculated and the right packaging solutions must be put together.

Our Air Cargo Services

• Air Cargo to Pakistan from Dubai
• Send small and large parcel to Pakistan
• Send Documents to Pakistan
• Send Commercial goods to Pakistan
• Send Perfumes, Gifts, Clothing, Spare Parts
• Make sure that You call us for rates
•Delivery 2 to 3 Days

Because especially with “by air cargo to Pakistan” it is important not only to protect your inventory from damage, but also from the effects of the new policies in the custom clearance at Pakistan International Airports.

We pay particular attention to individual packaging material and the right technology.

So we have special packaging techniques for the transport of sensitive goods such as glasses, porcelain and pictures have been developed.

This means that your personal pieces or gifts and/or any small parcel that you have cherished can be transported absolutely safely.

You can count on us. Because thanks to our international exposure and know-how of Custom Clearance System in Pakistan that provides us favorable air freight conditions!!

Air Cargo to Pakistan from Dubai

We are the best air cargo to Pakistan from Dubai services provider across the Emirates for your large or small logistical projects, because we take over all transport services for you! Whether partial or full loads, courier trips, air freight or refrigerated transport. We have the real resolution to offer you the perfect air freight solution.

We also transport heavy goods, fragile items such as LCDs, Chandeliers and urgent parcels and documents and much more without any problems. We cover longer distances with our own fleet. We will be happy to help you with the exact planning and timely implementation.

Meeting our required delivery dates and ensuring the safety of our cargo is paramount to our commitment to quality and satisfaction.

With Pakistan Air Cargo, you can expect outstanding service, knowledgeable staff and a commitment to delivering your customers’ premises. We are dedicated to customer service and ready to help you. Contact Us today.

Many Years of Working Exprience

Air Cargo Rates from Dubai to Pakistan Per KG

The costs for sending courier or shipment of any kind vary, of course, and depend, among other things, on the volume that has to be transported, the objects and the distance between the two locations where the move is to be carried out. In addition, the major factor is the value of the item. However, some customers still want that the Air Cargo Rates from Dubai to Pakistan per KG. Then, the calculation of Pakistan Air Cargo will be based on Per KG in Pakistani Rupees or Dirham vice versa.

Per KG Rates for Air Cargo to Pakistan and the advantages for you!

Pakistan Air Cargo would be happy to offer you a Per KG Rates offer for your shipment. So there are no nasty surprises and your courier cannot become a cost trap on the way.

Request a free viewing today

We estimate your commercial goods and the destination situation on site and you will receive fixed price offer within one day without risk and with full cost transparency! In our complete offer, all costs are guaranteed to be listed. It includes all services related to your move.

Your fixed price advantages:

Security guarantee – because 100% cost liability and cost transparency. This imparts trust and … Trust is the beginning of everything – there is a good feeling – from the beginning. Damage minimization – our moving staff can work much more relaxed because there is no hourly pressure. You, our customer, can lean back and look relaxed over your move. The Delivery is made in 2 to 3 days!

And also:

We listen carefully to you. For us, individual relocation means giving space to your personal wishes and finding the best possible relocation solution.

It is one of the cornerstones of our moving company that we offer our customers first-class service and excellent quality execution of all removals. Moving is our profession, we solve every problem and you benefit from the bundled know-how of a strong moving company.

How It Work

Delivery 2 to 3 Days

Contact us today and let us take care of your Air Freight needs.

Enter Your & Product Details
Pay Your Service Tag
Ready To Go Your Goods

Your Courier is in the very best and safe hands with us!

We would be happy to advise you free of charge on all questions relating to your parcel, which also saves you time and money. Contact us, we are there for you and will be happy to calculate your fixed price offer!

Air Cargo Services Pakistan – your carefree package!

Whether it’s a small document, a company product like Clothing, Perfumes, Engine Parts, Spare Parts etc., a large shipment or a small parcel …You as a person are always the focus of our daily work!

This principle has carried us very successfully through the air freight logistics industry with a focus on quality service since 2005. You are guaranteed not to receive anything off the shelf at Pakistan Air Cargo! We look after each customer individually and advise you personally and carefully.

But … not only our know-how belongs to you!

The best quality, reliability and a service-oriented team are our highest demands when dealing with you and your timely delivery of goods. Our motivated employees lend a hand around the clock for YOU – always friendly, professional and helpful.

Air cargo Services Pakistan offers you carefree full service when it comes to sending shipment to Pakistan from Dubai and at a really fair price.

Send Your Parcel at your destination by Air Cargo to Pakistan

Speed ​​is the greatest advantage of air freight. So when it comes to speed, you’ve come to the right place: Pakistan Air Cargo, with its global network of partners, can offer you on-time deliveries to any airport in Pakistan you want on all cities and villages. And thanks to volume-based air freight agreements at a very good price / performance ratio.

Our services include door-to-door transports including custom clearance and documents handling at either destination. Our experts are there for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week and guarantee an efficient process. As a customer, you never lose sight of your goods: With modern tracking and tracing systems, you can control the entire transport process from the point of origin to the destination.


Airfreight transport of personal effects & unaccompanied baggage to most major cities of Pakistan

Excess Baggage to all cities of Pakistan (door to door)

Dubai Airport to Doorstep service in Pakistan

Sea freight service is often available (to all cities); please enquire with us

PACKING BOXES: please enquire with us if you need assistance with packaging materials or professional packing services

Insurance: We can arrange affordable insurance for your consignment; please enquire with us

Send Gifts & Parcel to Pakistan

You demand flexibility in delivery. You pay attention to a good image when shipping. You are looking for a dynamic partner for this. You are shipping sensitive goods. We make sure that your shipment arrives without any problems. We organize without limits. We are your reliable partner. We have a modern fleet of vehicles.

Door to Door Courier Services

You expect short terms. You need to send important orders. You have promised binding appointments. You need your time for daily tasks. You want to relieve your sales department. You are looking for a reliable partner. You can rely on us.

Pakistan Air Cargo Services

You have to keep your promises. You expect 100% reliability. You expect fast, on-time delivery. You want to be hours ahead of your competitors. They urgently need your delivery. We won’t keep you waiting. We guarantee you 100% reliability. We give you a time head start. We deliver at the time you want.

Cheap Rates Cargo to Pakistan

You want to reorganize something. You don’t want to increase your workforce. You tell us what it’s about. You want individual advice. You need to know what it costs. They expect everything to work. You need the right partner for this. We have the right ideas. We plan professionally down to the last detail. We take care of the agreed transaction. We create the connections. We guarantee that everything will work out.

Send Commercial Goods to Pakistan

We are your competent partner. We know the shortest routes. We take care of the entire process. We adapt to your requirements. We track the shipment to the recipient. We have worldwide connections. We are shareholders of Global Sky Express. We have full service.

Customer Focused Courier service

Pakistan Air freight forwarders have always been specialists in global transports and urgent shipments. As a worldwide cooperation network of independent freight forwarders, Pakistan Air Cargo offers the opportunity to use common strengths and to establish itself as a professional partner with a comprehensive, competitive range of services in the courier, express and parcel market.

Door to Door Cargo Delivery

Pakistan Air Cargo offers door to door cargo, distribution of documents and other items in all cities of Pakistan from Dubai, both cities and villages in the country, fast and high security.

Services in Pakistan:

  • Delivery of goods and other documents to customers throughout the city
  • Delivery of goods from the van to the customer’s house or from the customer to the car
  • Provide online delivery service for all customers

Domestic and international services:

  • Receive and distribute other packages to customers such as: clothes, accessories, souvenirs and more.
  • Other packages, office supplies, study materials, commercial goods, etc.
  • Online goods

Benefits you get

  • You spend less money
  • Save your time
  • Goods delivered to customers in a hurry
  • Highly responsible and secure

Excess Baggage

Like the vast majority of commercial businesses in the world, the airline industry in general tends to provide a good base service but charge excessive rates for additional services such as excess luggage. In some cases, the price of the excess baggage can exceed the actual cost of the air ticket and although the fees are difficult to avoid altogether, we can help to make them a little more affordable.

Our service, unless otherwise stated, is from airport to doorstep and it is our responsibility to ensure that all customs clearance and any additional regulations are adhered to. We also ensure that none of the luggage you pack contains dangerous or prohibited items, these include the obvious items such as guns and explosives but also some perhaps less obvious items including but not limited to: Spray cans, bicycle puncture repair kits and most types of batteries. If you are not sure whether the items, you plan to transport are prohibited, please contact us for clarification. Excess baggage charges commercial can be a very costly experience if the service provider is not thoroughly researched beforehand, don’t take the chance and contact us for the best rates and service in Dubai.

Courier Services to Pakistan

The world is growing together faster and faster. This means that our customers also need to send or receive documents, spare parts and other goods to their partners as quickly as possible. We have been working with a global courier company for many years to ensure the global transport of goods and documents for our customers from Dubai to Pakistan.

We deliver original contracts, plans, confidential documents, manuscripts and other securities directly to the recipient, and if you wish, we will wait on site to bring the signed documents back to you.

The shipment will be picked up from you by our courier and will not leave the recipient’s hands. Discretion is the top priority and we are happy to deliver documents as a neutral courier.

Our well-trained, English-speaking couriers are at your disposal for these and similarly important and urgent courier shipments at home and abroad. They take over the shipment at your location, accompany it to the recipient and inform you immediately after delivery in Pakistan.

Pakistan Parcel Services

Pakistan Parcel Service means: Each online retailer is independent, but shipping is purchased jointly.
Our cooperative offers great advantages, especially for small and medium-sized online shops in Pakistan. Finally, more time for your core business, because you no longer have to worry about shipping conditions. With Pakistan Air Cargo, you are in a cooperative that has the skills, resources and know-how to optimize shipping.

As an online retailer, you always have to worry about more important things than the current shipping prices. It’s good if someone who has the skills, the resources and the know-how takes over. We take over for you!

The benefit for every online retailer: cheaper package prices. Just like buying groups for groceries, our Parcel service brings out the best shipping prices for online shops. Because one thing is clear in the mail order business: the bulk makes it.

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